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Recognise Your Power

Attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What is your life purpose?
  • What’s your power?
  • How are you using your power?

A number of people find it very hard to provide answers to the above questions. Unless you recognise your power, you will never be able to use it effectively. I have heard people saying “I do not have power to do anything about it.” I hold a different view. You have the power. You’re just not aware of it. Let us work together to find out what it is and get you to a higher level of your consciousness.

Let us work on bringing that power out in 10 sessions over a period of 5 weeks and watch you manifest the desired change.

Imagine Being Able To Stand Before An Audience And Proclaim Authentically, “I Am Powerful.” Yes, You Can.

You are more powerful than you imagine. Early circumstances may have conditioned you to believe that you are helpless, a victim of the outside world and worthless. Let a Certified Transformation Life Coach work with you to reveal that you are the CEO of your life. You hold the keys to all cabins to your property. Let us show you where the secret lies and get that power to manifest in you.

You stand to gain the following benefits from the Recognise Your Power programme:

  • Understanding who you are
  • Shift from victim to victor
  • Getting rid of inner conflict
  • Deleting your limiting beliefs
  • Floating downstream
  • Values elicitation
  • Embracing yourself
  • Building a positive self-image

Recognise Your Power covers the following:

  • Eliciting your values
  • Driver focus filter (daily question to propel your life)
  • How your subconscious mind works
  • Inner Conflict Therapy
  • Negative Emotional Therapy
  • Delete limiting beliefs
  • Installing new empowering beliefs
  • Anxiety eliminator
  • Transforming self-image

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